Calling All Blogs! Calling All Blogs!

As mentioned below, I'll be starting to cover the Columbus Crew for The Offside shortly. Right now, I'm trying to get up to speed on where one goes to find information about them. I did a quick Google search using the phrase "Columbus Crew blogs" and came up with a link to one site.

Clearly, I have my work cut out on this one.

But the purpose of this post is a larger one. I've been trying to figure a way to keep up on all Major League Soccer's clubs, but want to do it without larding the ol' bookmark bar with links to mainstream media outlets across the host cities (believe it or not, this hasn't worked all that badly). So, here's what I'm hoping to have happen:

If you run a blog tied to a specific team, could I trouble you to drop word of it into the comments field below or, if you'd rather, by emailing me a link to your site or a heads-up as to its existence?

I've already got a fair number of you set up in Bloglines, but I'm going for total (and relatively easy) coverage! Thanks for your time.



Soccer Dad said...

I don't cover MLS on my blog, just youth soccer and the national team. But you might try google's blog search. Has a few more links. I think you got a bum search because searching google for 'Columbus Crew' and blogs returns hundreds of thousnads of links. Good luck at the Offside! Bob runs a great setup over there.

The Manly Ferry said...

Yes, Bob does do good stuff.

Appreciate the suggestion. Unfortunately, a funny thing happened when I tried it: this very post was listed first - even after sorting by relevance. I find me down there pretty soon as well in other links as well...scary thought.

It wasn't a total loss; I found a couple "Myspace" pages as well as something on ArmchairGM, another place where I used to contribute (fun site, run by nice people by the way).

Still, thanks again. Getting a computer to do what you want it to isn't always straightforward.