CONCACAF Champs Cup: The Best Thing

I'll dig into the details shortly, but want to isolate the big deal in a separate post: I can't imagine better semifinal series for the CONCACAF Champions Cup. Pachuca CF v. Houston Dynamo and DC United v. CD Guadalajara? These are not only going to be friggin' killer games - for my money, the latter especially - but they're going to be on the TV....provided you've got the right cable package (sympathy goes out here to B_Washington on that score). Can't wait to wrap my head around these series as they get nearer.

For those who do have it though, here are the competition brackets that (almost) give the dates for both legs (I say "almost" because there's an apparent typo on the second leg of the Guadalajara/DCU tie):

Houston Dynamo v. Pachuca CF
1st Leg: March 14 @ Houston
2nd Leg: April 4 @ Pachuca

DC United v. CD Guadalajara
1st Leg: March 15 @ DC
2nd Leg: April 4 @ Guadalajara

The drag about hosting the first leg - which will require a strong opening - duly noted. Also noted, that the first-leg games fall on different days - HUZZAH! These aren't showing yet on "Americas" section, but I'm sure they will....or better.

Anyway, big congratulations to the players and fans of both DC United and the Houston Dynamo.

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