Day in Previews: RSL, TFC, & Non-Acronyms

Haven't done this for a while, but at least have the handy excuse of cranking out previews of my own. There are a few to get to today.

Soccer America got to churning out theirs, under the title of MLS Countdown. I like it. The two teams I came across today were FC Dallas and the Columbus Crew. I have to say, Ridge Mahoney does such a job of finding the upside on FC Dallas that I'm close to reconsidering my more dour assessment of their chances (though, in my defense, I did own up to some personal issues round the bottom). Not surprisingly, though, the main concern comes in defense, 'cause that offense retains some serious potential.

Regarding Columbus, notes the real, if moderately untried, depth. Like a lot of people, he figures Columbus has to get better. And what with the preseason they've had, it looks like that'll come together.

Another team that's looking kind of unnerving (from a New England perspective at least) is Toronto FC (who were reviewed by an outfit I've really got to learn more about; it was run in a Seattle paper though). As not a few of you have no doubt read, they picked up their first win against an MLS club yesterday (Red Bull, ha ha). I'm thinking they've got enough offensive talent that it won't be their last.

Finally, Andrea Canales did a Real Salt Lake preview for ESPN. I'd say she rather nimbly picked through the Freddy/Mehdi bramble as well as playing up the subtle shifts in tactics. I haven't reviewed them yet, but think RSL could do something this season...

...then again, I seem to think that about everyone lately...tells me it's going to be a good year.


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