Ed. Notes: Timbers Weekly, RIP; No Weekly, etc.

I'll start with my sincere regrets for talking about myself so much this week. Won't happen next, but I'm working on managing my time...always tricky for me.

Anyway, two announcements to add to those below:

1) I'm canning the Timbers Weekly feature. The thing is, I can either pretend I'm not just ripping off the Timbers Blog or the Soccer City USA message boards, or I can just stop doing it. I'm going with stopping. You can find everything you'd want to know about the Timbers between the two sites - and more than any sane person would want to know with regard to the message board. The thing is, they're paying attention and I'm not. So, yeah, read them. In any case, though I'm planning on seeing as many Timbers' games as I can this season, I also know it won't be all of them, or even enough to have anything intelligent to say about them.

Then there's trying to keep up with everything else. Something had to give.

2) Simpler note: I'm forgoing my half-traditional "Week in" features today, but won't be discontinuing those; I see too much value in the way they keep me up-to-date on news across Major League Soccer. And, yeah, you can get the same kind of thing from du Nord, and on a daily basis at that, but I like to think there's value in a weekly wrap - namely, perspective. Though, I can't speak for whether I've successfully added that.

OK, all for now. Next up, the DC United season preview.

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