Fowler-Watch: Hands Off, Bastards

As I'm clicking through the (as of last count) 105 article entries in the Google News search I called up using "Robbie Fowler MLS," what I'm seeing is a lot of people reading off the same sheet. See what I mean? (Yes, each word, even the question mark, is a different link; though if you read the "what" link, you'll see what Steve Nicol thinks about the Americans buying Liverpool.) Otherwise, Fowler has a whole shitload of ducks and his feet must be damned wet from all that dipping.

So far as I've found the only outlet that has added anything to this story is SoccerAmerica, who reported some figures along with the fact that talks with Fowler originated with a Major League Soccer club that wasn't the New England Revolution...hence the title.

By the way, Fowler's reported asking price - $3 million - doesn't read that crazy to me. If you the Revs can talk him down to between $1.5 and $2 million, I say they pull the trigger. (WARNING: My Fowler "man-crush" may blind me to practical considerations.)

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Steven Gerrards Double said...

Robbie Fowler is one of the richest footballers in the world, he should be able come down $1mill!