More on Shalrie Joseph

OK, putting back on my "serious hat," a Soccer America article contains a highly-intriguing twist in the Shalrie Joseph saga:

"This impasse between Shalrie Joseph and the Revs/MLS is about more than money, and Joseph can prove it, or at least so claims his agent, Ron Waxman."

"'He will play for any other team in MLS under his current contract,' says Waxman of a deal that will pay Joseph a base salary of $157,500, plus bonuses, the same as last year. The salary is not guaranteed, unlike last year. 'I would love for them to come back to the table, but I don't live in fantasy land. I have been told negotiations are over. I hope they have enough respect for him to honor his request to be traded.'"

Uh-oh. You'd think this would make a deal more likely. It depends, I suppose, on how stubborn the New England Revolution front office can, and are willing, to get.


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