(The Past Few) Day(s) in Previews

Obviously, I've been busy with previews of my own...oh, but I'm still reading stuff...so you just watch it, mister...


Here's a collection of the previews I've bumped into around the Web; I'll start with my fellow amateurs. With a hat-tip to du Nord, I found a preview for Red Bull New York, done in a question & answer format. There's some good stuff in there about the impact field-turf might have, something New England fans should be considering as well, as well as good commentary on rumored new signings, etc.

I don't know who these Sports Network people are, but they cranked out a preview for the Kansas City Wizards, the team that has replaced the Colorado Rapids as the one I most often forget exists. They touch on some similar points that I did in my preview, specifically, the absence of changes, but the one-upped me by noting key subtractions from the squad...something I declined to prominently display in my all my reviews. (I posted a link...to all the trades...that's OK.....right?)

Turning now to the pros, ESPN is really hitting its preseason stride now, so I've missed the past few days' previews. In no particular order:

Steve Davis previewed the Columbus Crew's 2007, and, with the offense looking improved, he's more antsy about the defense; he also raises something I may or may not have mentioned in my preview (nope), the possibility that there will be too many chefs in the Crew's kitchen (see: "Can Sigi pull the right levers?").

Davis also drew FC Dallas duty and, here, he raises a great point to counter concerns about Dallas' defense: in Steve Morrow, they've got a good coach to tutor the team's youngsters in the arts of defending. There's also some good stuff in there about personnel, formation, and how they'll fit together.

Finally, Jeff Carlisle drew the Chivas USA preview. Much of what one would expect shows here: whether Preki's up to replacing Bob Bradley and handling Amado Guevara; the matter of who partners Ante Razov up top (his comments on Maykel Galindo versus John Cunliffe is especially worth the gander); finally, there's the depth problems, which are now compounded by the laying-low on one-man depth machine, Jonathan Bornstein.

Whew...all for today.

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