RSL: The Mary Kaye Huntsman Mystery

Check out this passage from an article titled "First lady helped seal the Real deal":

"Utah's first lady may have had more of an influence than a lavish bouquet of roses gives her credit for. The night Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon denied the county's share of hotel-room tax dollars for the stadium, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. returned home to an upset wife."

"'The truth be told, we would not be standing here without Mary Kaye's insistence that RSL stay here,' team owner Dave Checketts said the day the House passed the bill 48-24. In the end, the bill garnered bipartisan support from the majority of the House and the Senate."

The two rather sizeable questions left unanswered, either within that passage or through the rest of the article: why Mary Kaye Huntsman cared and what she wielded by way of influence. I thinking less along the lines of malfeasance and more along the lines of the Lysistrata (great play, by the way). Before I get in trouble, no, I am no way suggesting that women lack for other means of persuasion. But this "Lysistrata theory" would explain the absence of detail in the article.


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