San Jose: Stadium's OK, but What about Team?

Before going further, I'll acknowledge that San Jose's stadium situation, good as it looks, isn't a done deal.

But it was the phrase, "the to-be-resurrected Earthquakes" that arrested my attention. When you think about the backbone of the team(s) that won San Jose the 2001 and 2003 MLS Cups, it's one thing to note that they've all moved on - and nearly all of them, with the exception pictured above, to Houston. But it's something else to think about what that means: if, or more like when, the team gets resurrected, they'll be a true expansion team, quite unlike what happened in Houston.

And the league hasn't been all that kind to expansion franchises of late.

Then again, maybe Toronto FC will give Bay Area fans some hope. Still, it's going to be different, isn't it?



B_Washington said...

I just want a team here. I miss going to games like i could in colorado

The Manly Ferry said...

Oh, I feel that (sorry...totally inapproprite use of slang). Living up here in Portland, and as much as I love the Timbers, I do wish they played at a higher level. There's something about seeing "the best," adjusted for your region at least.

Kaye said...

Having a team in the bay area would be great for me. I'm a Galaxy fan, through and through, but I live all the way up in Eureka. Too far to make it to more than maybe one home game a year (if I'm lucky), but I could see them play the Quakes!