Timbers Weekly: From the Shoulders of Others...

...which is where I expect I'll be blogging from till there are actual games to pick apart. I learned all I know about Timbers' related news through other blogs and, as such, will give them prominent credit below:

From the Timbers Blog
There are a number of trialists seeking the chance to pull on Portland Timbers green this year; the Timbers Blog named four in one post - forwards Matt McDonough and Bryan Jordan, midfielder Mark Stock, and defender Todd Sabrowski - and he credits another site for pointing him toward another trialist, Michael Caso. That some post discusses Timbers' promotions for the 2007 season. If I haven't said it before, here it is again: the only promotion that floats my boat is Thirsty Thursday, which involves cheap beer. I am cheap and I like beer. That is all.

If I didn't think my daughter would rip the head off, I'd consider picking her up a Timber Jim bobble-head. But I like Timber Jim, so I won't.

In a pair of related items, I still can't comment on the Timbers Blog, which is probably just as well. And, if someone can pop by to tell me how to find a page for the 107 Report that doesn't front an October 2006 podcast as its latest item, I'd appreciate it...unless, of course, that is the latest item.

From the SoccerCityUSA Message Boards
One of the great, personal mysteries for this off-season is what would become of Byron Alvarez, a forward I've always really enjoyed watching. Well, the board tells me he is going to sign with another USL Division 1 team, the Charleston Battery. Seeing as this is big news in my world I bopped over to the Battery's website, but they're not mentioning this as yet and he's not showing on the official roster. I very much doubt that's a good sign, though, as the message boards view an Alvarez trade as a matter of when, not if.

A point original to me
In a bit of related news, the Battery joins the short list of USL Division 1 teams who will enjoy a sexier preseason than the Timbers. Where is my preseason mini-tournament, people?

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