The Trials of Robbie Rogers

Not a few have pointed to Steve Goff's quick write-up on the weighted lottery that will decide - at least the first part - of young Robbie Rogers Major League Soccer (MLS) odyssey takes place today at 4 p.m. EST, which is, holy shit, now!

It's not up as yet, but the one sub-topic that nearly everyone is (wisely) avoiding: the likeliest destination for this young American star:

"Columbus has the best odds, followed by Kansas City and Salt Lake. DCU is 12th, expansion Toronto last."

At the risk of offending visitors from Columbus, Salt Lake and Kansas Cities, I'll only say this: you'd have to pay me a hell of a lot more than the reported $55K Rogers is earning before I'd live in any of the three.

I kid, I kid. (Actually, I don't. I was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose "hep" quotient can be summed up by the names Bob Mapplethorpe and Larry Flynt.) But there's no point denying none of those three count as hip, desirable destinations; there's probably also little point in denying that the kid is probably pulling for one of those alleged trade-fodder rumors to come together.


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