World Cup: 2014? What About 2010?

Upon reading a short Reuters article posted on Sports Illustrated's site about the construction complications dogging South Africa's 2010 World Cup preparations, I thought I was pretty clever to make the joke that a U.S. crack at hosting the World Cup might come sooner than we think. The discovery that Ken Pendleton beat me to this observation by at least a day reminded me that I'm the kind of person who comes up with a response to a funny insult about six hours later than I need it.

At any rate, this entire questions continues the conversation from an earlier Steve Davis article about Brazil's infrastructural/social woes creating an accidental opening for the U.S. to host the World Cup somewhat out of turn. But to dive into some serious wild-assed speculation, my guess is that FIFA would keep the U.S. out of the calculus should the 2010 World Cup need to be moved precisely due to worries about Brazil's viability for 2014. Still, things do look dicey for South Africa, and Pendleton didn't even mention the crime problem down there (you won this round, Pendleton!! But you forgot the crime! A-ha! HA HAA HAAAHAAAAHAAA!!)

OK, in all seriousness, I, like Pendleton, hope both South Africa and Brazil come through...if for no better reason than I live in the States (e.g. I've been here).


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