(W)Revs Wrap, 03.02.07: Miguel Gonzalez

I neglected to link to my post on The Offside this past Wednesday and didn't manage a post yesterday (the reasons for this are secret...sssshhhhh). But with the comparative effort I put into today's effort - a minor, and inconclusive investigation into Miguel Gonzalez and his quality as a player - there was no way I wasn't going to throw a link to Wednesday's item, which set up the series for which the Gonzalez entry is the first installment.

In any case, there's my latest work on the New England Revolution beat. In other Revs'-ish news, my colleague on the New England Revolution blog for The Offside kicked off the "Supah Revs Fan" contest today, so dust up on trivia and get those photos ready.

My favorite bit of non-Revolution New England news is the report about a Massachusetts native named Kareem Smith, who is going to play join KÍ Klaksvík FC Faroe Island professional(?) leagues. I have nothing but respect for a man with the balls to live that seriously close to the middle of bumfuck nowhere and wish him success and, though it's hardly needed, adventure.

Finally, I've spent, oh, five, six months on the Revs' beat and it was only today that I discovered New England Soccer News. I have no excuse.


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