(W)Revs Wrap, 03.05.07: New Guys Profiles, Igwe, Gonzalez

I cooked up some decent profiles for New England Revolution new-boys Amaechi Igwe and Miguel Gonzalez - even if the latter took two attempts.

The Amaechi Igwe piece shows up here. And the Miguel Gonzalez items can be found here and here.

In other Revs' news, Soccer New England posted a check-in item on "Wee" Michael Parkhurst. RevsNet copied me (I swear...honest) by posting an interview with Amaechi Igwe. The most interesting thing there is the jersey number the youngster chose.



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The Manly Ferry said...

Done. I actually like the pacing by the way - e.g. that you're not hooked into the daily posting habit. Wish I was wired that way sometimes.