(W)Revs Wrap: Arsene Oka's Girlfriend

My project of getting New England Revolution fans up to date on the new guys playing for the club - today's entry was first-and-a-half-year player Arsene Oka, by the way - took me to a weird little site.

If you type "Arsene Oka" into a Google search, the third entry you see is titled "Arsene Oka's Girlfriend", kind of an odd thing to see on a guy with such a modest popular profile. The title doesn't hold a candle to the site, which appears to be soliciting for information on Oka's love life. Weirder still, there are links to most of the Revolution players whether it's the high-profile guys like Shalrie Joseph (nothing) or Steve Ralston (again, nothing), rising stars like Andy Dorman (ridicule?), or even the newest of new guys like Ryan Solle (nothing) and Wells Thompson (nope). The rest of the names seem to be guys from the Colorado Rapids...which, again, makes no sense.

Apart from invading privacy or stalking with intent, I can't imagine the purpose of the space. And I'd feel creepy helping the unknown operators fill in the blanks.

The web is wonderful.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I found this site awhile back and did a post on it. I think it's someone's attempt to bring the WAG culture to the US. But there's one small problem with this...


Anonymous said...

Damn. That's the second time my links wouldn't work. Let's try again.

Or here's the site addy for good measure. http://lagalaxy.theoffside.com/la-wags/bringing-the-wag-culture-to-the-us-is-anyone-else-thinking-reality-tv.html