(W)Revs Wrap: Breaking...Paranoid...Mulrooney...Joseph?

Given yesterday's speculation about FC Dallas looking like a sensible fit (see 4th "real" paragraph) for a wanna-be footloose Shalrie Joseph, I can't help but read the report that the Dallas side traded Richard Mulrooney to Toronto FC with a bit of alarm. As I point out here, it's hard not to notice that this should free up some cap space as well as a space on the field where Joseph normally lurks.

In other Revs news....God...does it matter?

No, we have to face the season...I've seen word elsewhere that Pat Noonan is headed to Germany to get his hernia tucked back in. He won't be available till a little ways into the season, but let's hope they'll finally get his abdomen squared away.

I'm going to close with one crucial point: I AM SPECULATING. And, kidding aside, this is actually kind of fun. So, we lose Joseph. So, the team won't be as good without him. Just close your eyes and imagine Joseph went to Celtic; see him helping them beat AC Milan in the Champions League...now, open your eyes and cope with the fact that Joseph could very well be around next season as well as being grumpy with his employers.

It gets to a point where you wonder if an exit wouldn't be better in the long run.


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