(W)Revs Wrap: Joseph and, Yeah, I'm Bored

Slow news days aren't always a bad thing. For instance, someone - Kannell17 on the New England Revolution Fan Blog - took the time to run down the Wikipedia entry on sports hernia. I can't make heads or tails of the entry either, but am pleased he thought to do this.

Not that this will have any effect on Pat Noonan's recovery time...

As for me, the big thing I did today was find peace with the possibility of Shalrie Joseph getting traded. Actually, I did more than make peace with it. At this point, I'll be positively content if it happens...frankly, the Revs have bored me shitless this off-season. All the drama has been highly negative and I got enough of that around the dinner table in high school (just kidding, mom, dad).

Anyway, as noted in that post, I'm feeling a bit philosophical today...I think it's the stuff I'm reading and some thinking about media and blogging a friend prompted that's doing it.

More later.


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