(W)Revs Wrap: Preseason, Memories of Pain & Joy

My latest contribution to The Offside offers a preview, of sorts, for this afternoon's preseason warm-up against Pioneros de Cancun, which takes place today, um, in Cancun. I won't lie to you: I only posted this one for the translation out of the marvelous, free translation of a Mexican newspaper article.

In other New England Revolution news, a guy who posts as ngower on Bigsoccer compiled a video of last year's season. ngower makes an interesting story-line by beginning at the end (which sucked) and wraps with a flurry of happier memories. The allusion that came to me was that of a phoenix. The video has a nice artistic arc to it, I'll confess, but I'm not seeing this Revs team rising from the ashes of last season...though, as always, I'd love to be proved wrong. (NOTE to Steve Nicol: post the record of my doubts on the locker room bulletin board if you think it'll do any good; I can lay on more pessimism if you think it will help.)

Part of my angst on that score grows from something else I saw in my Revs-related wanderings. Over on the New England Revolution Fan Blog, Kanell17 posted his thoughts on a likely Revs line-up for the coming season. If you think you've seen this one before, that's because you have - say, the middle of June 2006, though with Avery John and Pat "Hobbles" Noonan missing. This line-up didn't get us to the Promised Land last year and I don't see how it does it this year with many of these players a year older.

Then again, I'm bitter. About 2002. And 2005. And 2006. I wanna be the fucking bride.


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