Attendance and Expectations

I was too lazy/inattentive to flag the posts/articles in question, but I didn't mind what I saw for "announced" attendance on Major League Soccer's opening weekend (thanks Soccer America for thinking to post such items). It's hardly ideal, of course, but on a weekend of butt-ass cold temperatures across so many venues, I'm plenty happy to see no numbers in the quadruple-digits.

Having followed this league through many discouraging years - not to mention the horrifying slippage in Colorado late last year - quadruple digits stands as my mental red line. Perhaps the day will come when that line will be redrawn - though that's unlikely till Colorado Mark 2006's don't occur - but, for now, a one-day low of 13,782 (Columbus) "announced" fans seems cause for celebration...though, hopefully, that market will improve in coming weeks.


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