Carolina Cup: Go Marquee with This!

"The MLS teams are coming here and playing their best players the entire tournament," said Charleston Battery president Nigel Cooper. "That says a lot for the tournament. Just about every team in the league called wanting to play in the tournament this year."
-, 4.1.2007 LINK

Just to throw something out there, the league needs to figure a way to make the Carolina Cup the preseason televised tournament. Sure, a nod should go to the Pioneer Cup, which celebrates the great Lamar, but, if Major League Soccer (MLS) can get one preseason event on a nationally-televised broadcast of any kind, it should be the Carolina Challenge Cup.

They don't need to change how they handle invites - though the more democratic they can be between each successive year, the better - but this one should be formalized into a kind of nationwide foreplay for us soccer-starved geeks.

Oh, and as the article points out, Houston won this year. Let's hope that translates tolerably well to the second leg of their Champions' Cup tie against Pachuca. For the record, I would have much preferred seeing them working on altitude puppy training...


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