CONCACAF Champs' Cup: I Am Nativist Scum

After following the CONCACAF Champions' Cup closely so long as Major League Soccer's participation lasted, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I don't even know when the first leg of the final took place.

When I found a blog post on the first leg of the final, though - and it was an in-game post that looks to have captured the events fairly well - I at least took the time to read it. So that takes away a bit of my Yanqui self-loathing, though not all....

In any case, that report reveals that CF Pachuca forced a 2-2 tie in CD Chivas de Guadalajara's home, Estadio Jalisco and gives them the advantage in the series as it heads back to Pachuca.

Whichever team makes it, I'm likely as not to pull for them in the World Club Cup, just as I would have pulled for any MLS team - even LA - that made it...unless, they played Liverpool...


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