Crew & TFC: Who Scores First Goal of '07

A look at the current standings in Major League Soccer reveals that only two teams in the league have yet to score a goal: the Columbus Crew and Toronto FC.

The question is, which player for each respective team will score their team's first goal of 2007? The stakes for Toronto are higher still: who will score the first regular-season goal in Toronto franchise history?

I set up a contest for the Crew's mystery man in my space on The Offside and will give the winner of that the prize of kitsch assuming he/she is interested (see rules for participation, such as they are, over there). For the record, the example I posted there - "Joseph Ngwenya, v. DC United, 4/28" - stands as my actual guess on this; for convoluted reasons (the quality of New England's defense, probably some wishful thinking), I can't see Columbus scoring on New England (and I ruled out Open Cup goals for purposes of the contest).

I won't be offering a prize on the Toronto thing (hell, I'm not really offering one on the Columbus thing either), but I am curious and invite any guesses y'all may want to make: who will score the first regular-season goal in Toronto FC history? I'm just looking for names on this and here's my stab at it: Edson Buddle. Personally, I think Alecko Eskandarian has looked more dangerous, but I'm picturing this scenario where Buddle picks up the first off a rebound.

Anyone else want to make the attempt? Here are the rosters for Columbus and Toronto to help whittle down the candidates.


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