DC's Defense - Is It Mental?

Since last Saturday's excruciating loss to the Kansas City Wizards much has been made of DC United's defensive problems - a recent article in the Washington Times which discusses formations, trades, and the like, is the only the trigger for what's on my mind. Here's that:

I don't think DC's problems are formation or personnel, and I mean the latter both literally and explicitly. By that I mean they have players capable of defending and defending well - remember all those 1-0 wins DC's defense gutted out last May and June? - but, for whatever reason, they're not up to it any more.

I read in another space that Eddie Johnson is talking to a sports shrink. Maybe that's what a guy like Facundo Erpen needs (he types after dubbing him a "full-time liability" earlier in the week).

Whatever DC does, they'll want to do soon. And the problems are unquestionably there. But maybe a little mental conditioning will provide a quicker path to success than finding new players or trying new formations. Just a thought.


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