"Famous Freds"

Yeah, this is the only Fred that mattered on Saturday.

The second I saw ABC's mysterious and baffling "Famous Freds" segment pasted over the live action, I thought sure I'd see acres of ridicule and rage on the following day. Didn't, though, so perhaps that's burning up BigSoccer message boards (didn't check...don't care enough). Only Bill Urban seemed to think this worth mentioning and he included it in his fine, fine wrap-up of Major League Soccer's Week 1.

For those who missed it, this came after the introduction of DC United's new Brazilian Fred during Saturday's game against the Colorado Rapids; it featured a full-screen images (i.e. viewers couldn't see, which continued underneath) and involved Dave O'Brien leading with, "let's look at some other 'famous Freds' out there." And, you think to yourself, "Oh, interesting; maybe they'll show a history of famous Freds in soccer." No, tragically. Instead you get a shot of (no offense to Polish nationals who may visit) "Fred "with-Polish-surname-who-played-in-the-NFL," Fred Flintstone, Right Said Fred (of "Too Sexy for My Shirt" fame/infamy), and, possibly - the fever/nausea was kicking in here (not related to broadcast) - Freddie Mercury, he who possesses the most epic voice of all time.

Suffice to say it was so shockingly tacky and misplaced that I thought I heard the shame in Dave O'Brien's voice upon starting the segment - though that may have only been wishful thinking. Then again, there was a perverse, "screw-you" genius to the moment as well, sort of ESPN saying to soccer fans, "Yeah, we're putting on more soccer, but we'll put this pile of shit up here to to prove we're not your playthings." (Cue maniacal laughter.)

Oddly, I'd respect them for that.



Anonymous said...

I got up and left the room when this came on. Typically the broadcasts don't bother me too much, but this was too much to handle. I hope they do famous Thiago's or something next.

pupkick said...

Yet more horrible coverage. It really is amazing just how much ESPN can screw up soccer.

Anonymous said...

it would not have been nearly so bad if they had included the most famous Fred in soccer along with them, the OTHER Brazilian Fred.