FCD 0 - 1 RBNY: Observations from a Glimpse

Having watched, literally, ten sporadic minutes of this game, what comes below hardly counts as Gospel. But a couple things do occur to me about the little I did see:

- Without knowing much about what came before, Red Bull killed last night's game - by which I mean they controlled the final 10 minutes - as well as any Major League Soccer (MLS) team I have ever observed. Either Dallas was that bad, or Red Bull was that good and confident in keeping possession, hitting 'em where they ain't, etc.

- Hunter Freeman? Hunter Freeman? Wow.

- And still, no one has scored on Red Bull; that's 360 minutes. Who saw that coming? It looks like Real Salt Lake (RSL) gets the first crack at it...and I assume you're thinking what I'm thinking (well...maybe; one could assume I mean RSL is hardly the team to breach the Red Bull goal; alternately, they could remember that it was RSL that ended DC United's streak last season.

- On the other side of the ball, what does this 1-0 loss mean to FC Dallas? In the little I saw of the game, the Texas team looked less coherent and composed. But, given how the Bulls looked - or how Dallas made them look; again, I can't speak to firmly to that - it's entirely possible there are worse results. Put another way, there's still more to learn about Dallas.


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