JUNK-DRAWER: It Is What It Is.

I've been trying - and failing - to come up with a feature heading for posts that will contain the random crap that isn't quite team news, that isn't quite trades, and isn't quite game reports. It's more to do with the various junk and silliness that one finds associated with the game; it's the stuff that isn't "news," but that one hears about anyway...things like nude pictures of David Beckham (with a pasted schlong....I'm still not following this story either mentally or literally, but I digress).

Anyway, the title "Junk Drawer" just came to me; this is the place I'll put anything I find interesting, but for which I can't figure out a proper home.

Getting to it:

- Amazingly, people are still getting mileage out of Logan Pause's one-and-only goal in Major League Soccer (MLS)...and I guess I just joined the party. Still, there's something Pause said about scoring that I - who have scored off my knee, my back, even my ankle - can relate to:

"There wasn't a whole lot of celebration going on, mainly because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. It was kind of an eye-opener. Like, 'Did my shot just go in?'"

- Dario Sala, having served 3 games of his 6-game suspension, admitted to MLSnet.com that he's driving his wife batty skulking around the house. This is just my guess, but I'm thinking he's going to get the starting job back with FC Dallas' seventh game.

- I have to credit du Nord for this one: how the hell was DC defender Bobby Boswell talked into dressing as a "sexy tiger?" Looks like Halloween came early and picked up a chemical-imbalance with its arrival. Get back on the pitch, son, your team needs defense. On the upside, this takes me back to Liverpool's "Spice Boys" days; damn they were more fun to watch back then...


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