KC News: Marinelli, Stadium, and Other Miracles

As a general rule, it seems like once something gets posted on MLSnet.com, it's really real. Now that it's clearly, totally safe, may as well announce that the Kansas City Wizards have bagged the guy who looks to be the playmaker so many believe that team needs (myself included): Carlos Marinelli.

The effect of the word "Argentine" is a funny thing, conjuring as it does world-class players possessed of breathtaking skill and steely toughness. And Marinelli's club career - which includes Boca Juniors, a brief spell with England's Middlesbrough, and Italy's Torino FC - only deepens the mystique; for some reason, the thought is that KC went out and got themselves a brand-new Christian Gomez (though, not, for reasons unknown, the next Lucio Filomeno).

And then I read this (from Down the Byline):

"The new Wizards player got 45 minutes in the reserve game against Evansville last Saturday night and looked very good at times. The only thing that looks to be lacking right now is some match fitness as he had his hands on his knees during the game against Evansville, trying to catch his breath. If he plays this weekend, I would assume it would be as a late game sub."

It's totally unfair to Marinelli, but that somehow bursts the bubble. I dunno; it's like I expect the guy to crawl out of an action-figure box, ready to play anytime, anywhere, just because he's Argentine.

In any case, MLS Underground posted an item of their own today and some of the comments (see mick, LM72, anonymous and the unofficial Boca Juniors scout, juan; love that guy). I hope for the sake of KC fans he works out all right (seriously; I don't begrudge any team in the league good players; anything that helps the average MLS game counts as a plus in my book).

If you check the link for Down the Byline, you'll notice some chatter about the KC organization getting serious about stadium building. Having no special knowledge of the Kansas City area (I've never been that I can remember), I can't add much to that discussion, but as a long-time observer of MLS, I can say this: can anyone friggin' believe there's still a team in Kansas City? I'm still recovering from the shock that they didn't collapse during contraction. That's not to say I don't wish them luck, but still...

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