Previews (Week 2), Missionary Work, Cursing Thursdays

I may have mentioned this before, though I hadn't originally intended on doing so, but in my effort to keep any vaguely interested visitors to Write On Sports up to date on Major League Soccer (MLS), I'm plugging in two articles a week over there. One will be weekly previews; Week 2's previews went up this morning. These are just barebones accounts of fixtures, some notes on players to watch, along with the time and place of the game and national TV listings when those apply. So, if you need (another; I know these are widely available) one-stop round-up of this stuff, it's there.

I linked to a weekly wrap yesterday, but not before realizing I can do these better (possibly a whole lot better now that I've bit the bullet and tried MLSLive.TV; here's to hoping I didn't buy a lemon). Without boring you with how I arrived at this, a weekly summary offers a space to lead with a feature-esque "story of the week" followed by more concise (OK, and better) game summaries. (NOTE: I really respect how well Soccer America's people handle these; I hope to do as well in soon.)

At any rate, I like to think of my Write On Sports efforts as missionary work, my walk among the heathen if you will. And the people who run that site are good, flexible folk, so that helps.

Finally, I mention "cursing Thursdays" for two reasons. One, it compels me to crank out those previews well before I've psychically prepared; I mean, I'm still catching up from the past weekend. Second, don't league honchos know that some of have interests outside soccer (and limited access to TiVo? shit...I don't even know if I typed that properly)? What about The Office and My Name Is Earl? Yeah, yeah, summer's coming along with weeks of reruns and reality TV filler, but...dang...can't a guy take a night off with the missus? Do they want me to get divorced?

(Psst...don't tell the wife, but that Thursday game does look a bit alluring...)


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