Week 1 Review with a Bonus called "Richard"

I don't often crap my pants laughing, but something I read today on Goal.com tickled the right (wrong?) spot, which made me come close.

One of the pundits, in what looks to be a moment of accidental brilliance brought on by an automatic censor on his blogging software, came up with a perfect nickname for Dick's Sporting Goods Park: "The Richard." Holy crap. It's perfect.

(I can explailn why if anyone wants, but I think said perfection is both manifest and comes on at least two, and possibly three, levels.)

For the record, the rest of the post is a smart, good, bad, and ugly wrap of the opening weekend. It's worth a gander as well.

But that name....can't we all adopt it? PLEEAASSSEEEE??


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Bill Urban said...


And the beauty of it is that, on Telefutura broadcasts, El Ricardo serves a similar purpose.

Bienvenidos a El Ricardo, los aficianados del MLS.

Or something...