Bradley Is It

I haven't checked Soccer Blogs on this, but am fairly confident I'm late. Don't care.

I just want to note my reaction to Bob Bradley being elevated to the U.S. National Team job full-time (and it's not April 1st, right?): YES! And I say that knowing (now) that this isn't yet 100% official. But it's Steve Goff reporting and he seems pretty comfortable with the reporting.

Assuming it is true it's not so much that I credit the Bradley with a Midas Touch, nor do I think he's the Second Coming. But I think he'll do well, perhaps even improve on Bruce Arena's tenure - even if only by benefitting from an improved player pool. But he's acquitted himself very well, both in terms of coaching the team and handling the unique situation under which he operated.

Now...go fuck up that big, bad world, Bob.


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Mr. Fish said...

This is truly the best news I've heard all day