MLS Magazine: Um...Why?

Because the way my Bloglines account lines up (alphabetically...I know, so weird), I came across word of an official MLS Magazine in a post on Climbing the Ladder. That referred back to what looks like the original mention over on Sideline Views, which isn't surprising seeing as it sounds like Luis Bueno will be a contributor.

Given the title above, one can probably guess where I'm going with this, but here goes: Why? How will an "official" MLS magazine be any better or different than Now, I respect Luis Bueno as much as any writer/pundit out there (seriously; seems like a great guy), but one source of honeyed, in-house pap seems like enough for one league.

Maybe it's a personal problem; I can accept that. And I'm 99.99% certain any writer would vigorously deny altering content they send to MLS - I'm not saying I'd buy it, but I am saying they'd deny it. But, Lord, it's just so dull, That's not to say it isn't OK for what it is - Lord knows I live and die by the raw data - but I'm not seeing the need for a hard-copy.


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