MLS to Vegas: The Yeas Have It

I won't pretend to be the first to this story, but I do want to add my voice of commendation and support to the budding, yet amply enthusiastic effort to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to Las Vegas. Yes!

Both Blue-Blooded Journo and The Offside Rules have posted in favor, but it's the former who makes the obvious point:

"Besides, if you could only make one away trip a year, would it be to Las Vegas or Columbus? I thought so."

Before Columbus fans get uppity, let me just acknowledge the same statement likely applies to Portland, Oregon. Hell, in my book only one MLS market tops Vegas for visiting: NYC. So, yes, yes, yes, to a Vegas bid. They can make Gamblor the mascot (believe it or not, that's the first image that comes up on a google image search; the link explains the line).


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