MLS Week 8: The Collective's Power Ranking

The Semi-Detached Pundit Collective has again rendered judgment on the state of Major League Soccer's 13 clubs after the 8th week of action. Here's the source material:

It's a Simple Game (me)
ESPN (aka, the Mothership)
Sports Illustrated (aka, the Frat Boys)
WVHooligan (hope the "WV" stands for what I think it does)
My Soccer Blog (who seems to hate Chivas USA)
The Other Football (still working themes effectively)
Sideline Views (Luis "Rapids Man" Bueno)
MLS Underground (unofficial MLS Hombre Secreto)

On principle, I think The DCenters' Freezer belongs in this scrum as well; they don't take the same approach, but it's an educational read nonetheless.

Oh, and if the dude who does the Scariness Rankings can reintroduce himself...ah, never mind. He just jumped in a bit ago (Hey Pat!), so click the link to read that rock-solid piece of statistical business. I'm too far in to work you in this week, but will remember well the heck you are for the next edition.

Before dumping the numbers, some things of note about the collective mind:

1) Nearly everyone agrees on the top 6 teams in the league: Red Bull New York, Kansas City Wizards, New England Revolution, Colorado Rapids, DC United, and FC Dallas. That 4-2 split between West and East ain't an accident.
2) If it weren't for Mike H of My Soccer Blog gumming up the works (non-conformist!), Chivas USA would be a universal #7.
3) Then again, who am I to talk: I'm the only one spiteful/impulsive enough to dump Chicago to #13.
4) On the subject of near-universals, I saved RSL from batting a perfect "13."
5) The teams no one knew quite what to do with, ranked in order of bemusement: Houston Dynamo, Toronto FC, and Chicago Fire. The Galaxy almost sneaks in.

Now, to the rankings as judged by The Semi-Detached Pundit Collective (albeit minus the two fellas noted above):

1. Red Bull New York: 1.1 (Bueno was the lone hold-out)
2/3. Kansas City Wizards: 2.8 (didn't count on ties)
2/3. New England Revolution: 2.8 (they don't deserve it! The assholes!)
4. Colorado Rapids: 3.9 (actually, pretty big spread on these guys as well)
5. FC Dallas: 5.1 (a 1.2 spread over a team below them in the standings)
6. DC United: 5.4 (strong #6, no?)
7. Chivas USA: 7.4 (must tell David; he needs cheering up)
8. Toronto FC: 8.9 (playoff figure...a weak one, but still)
9. Houston Dynamo: 9.4 (incredible...)
10. Los Angeles Galaxy: 9.9 (whodathunkit?)
11. Chicago Fire: 10.5 (a strong 11th? Wrong. WRONG!!)
12. Columbus Crew: 11.13 (I think this adds up...a bit)
13. Real Salt Lake: 12.9

Now, one last bit to consider: did any single person match the mind of the collective? Nope.

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