Copa Roster: The Children's Crusade

Just as I was shutting down my brain for the weekend (yes, kids, the mystery of my match reports is answered!), I see Bob Bradley finally named the roster he'll send down to Venezuela for the Copa America. And mind you, this is the team that will face what's sounding an awful lot like an Argentine A-Team (can't say I know what kind of teams Paraguay and Colombia will field (and I know I could find them), but expect they'll be as good as they can)...and here they are (OK, you got me; taken from here):

"Goalkeepers (2) - Brad Guzan, Kasey Keller

Defenders (8) - Jonathan Bornstein, Bobby Boswell, Dan Califf, Jimmy Conrad, Jay DeMerit, Drew Moor, Heath Pearce, Marvell Wynne

Midfielders (8) - Kyle Beckerman, Ricardo Clark, Benny Feilhaber, Eddie Gaven, Sacha Kljestan, Justin Mapp, Lee Nguyen, Ben Olsen

Forwards (4) - Charlie Davies, Hercules Gomez, Eddie Johnson, Taylor Twellman

General comments:
- Holy shit! Will this thing be chaperoned?! Are Conrad and Olsen the chaperones? Damn that's a young bunch...and to think how many of them will enjoy alcohol for the first time....

- I like that Bradely, basically, switched out the defenses (though I'm a bit down on the choice of Bornstein given my frustrations with him against Canada...ah...I'm over it. Good luck, Johnny!) The Gold Cup is showing the need for more auditions.

- I'll be shocked - and drunkenly delighted - if this bunch doesn't share the fate of the actual Children's Crusade (it didn't end well)

- Getting back to the chaperone jab, it's an interesting mix, even if the set up is a little "Greek" - e.g. manly mentors and, um, impressionable youths. Looks like Bradley is counting on Conrad, Olsen, and Twellman(?) to show a very green squad the ropes. Should be interesting...

Specific comments...where they come to me:

- I'm pretty interested in the Marvell experiment.

- I like the calls for Bobby Boswell, Dan Califf, and Jimmy Conrad.

- Heath Pearce is probably OK, too.

- I can't say I understand the call for Drew Moor.

- Where the hell is Michael Parkhurst?

- Anyone think Beckerman got on the phone with Mastroeni immediately upon getting word? I like that call as well.

- Will the sun ever shine again in Chicago (and isn't Mapp gimpy)?

- Ah! Bradley stole the entire Rapids' offense!! (Get it...that's Herculez...ah, never mind).

- It seems the Eddie Johnson experiment will not end.

Whatever happens, I hope it's a good experience for these guys.


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