The Trade: Clavijo's Murder/Suicide*

(* It occurs to me I should mention I'm not reporting an actual murder/suicide. Coach Clavijo is fine, so far as I know.)

Since it's not yet showing on, I'm really hoping the post from (the highly reliable) Steve Goff about Colorado and DC United trading Greg Vanney for Facundo Erpen aren't true. I'm hoping for Fernando Clavijo's sake; that same post contains a notion on several minds:

"Also, the league buzz is that, if the Rapids lose this weekend, Fernando Clavijo could very well be out as coach. No word on potential candidates."

Speculation on Clavijo's fate isn't exactly hard to find these days. Ian Plenderleith poked around the rot on, while the long-suffering Clint ( has been five games), desperate for relief, has hit the Web in search of conspiracies that explain the Clavijo era. (NOTE: I'm yanking Clint's chain, who links to something fairly interesting, for the record.)

To Coach Clavijo: you know you can just resign, right? You don't need to compel two players to move over 1,000 miles in a final flame-out because that carries the damage over to at least one other player...probably Erpen, though I'm not sure about Vanney either (DCenters has some thoughts on the Vanney side of this...toward the bottom). The vultures have spotted your body, man. Is upping the body count really the solution?


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Allen said...

Check out the podcasts for From The Pitch that are on Then this tuesday night I urge you to call in and give your two-bits on the Clavijo situation. Dino + Balboa are very defensive about it. For more info check out