Beckham Watch and Self-Esteem

This won't make sense to future visitors to this site, but, if you're read this within 3 days, 17 hours, 31 minutes, and 26...wait, 25....24 seconds of me posting this, you'll see the "Countdown to David Beckham's Arrival" on

I have to say that the whole Beckham-Watch thing depresses me a little. 11 years of history ain't a lot, but it's something. It's not like we were all sitting here in the corner waiting till the cute boy noticed us. Are we teenage girls? Teenage girls who just cleared up a wicked acne problem and finally got the boobs the rest of our peers picked up in 8th grade?*

No, dammit! We're attractive, intelligent young women with plenty to offer any guy smart enough notice. So let's start acting like it....dammit!

(* Look, if you're offended by the gender thing - and I don't think anyone will be, but...anyway - I went that way 'cause Beckham's a guy and all that. The boy's version would be something like, "Pizza-faced teenage boys with a sunken chest, bucked-teeth, one undescended testicle, and patchy facial hair alarmingly at odds with a pubic region that looks like the Wilds of the Amazon.")


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