Superliga: Can It Be "Super" Without TV?

Help a blogger out. I checked the usual sources (OK, source: and didn't see any television listings for the upcoming Superliga. And Major League Soccer's (MLS) official Superliga site, which I would expect to pimp the weary-legged shit out of televised offerings, does not do so.

Am I correct in understanding that SUM, or MLS, or whomever, managed to get the (motherscratching) World Series of Football on the tube, but they didn't figure it out for Superliga? Shit. That's what I gather from the "United States" listings on, which date forward to 15 days. The Univision "family of channels" reach forward 8 days, so maybe they'll broadcast it...but, suddenly, I'm thinking I won't be watching these games.

Someone please tell me I'm wrong on this. Given my sense this is the sole event likely to connect the Hispanic market to MLS in any lasting way, the failure to get this on air (especially on Univision) would constitute one of the bigger screw-ups of the season.



elopingcamel said...

The Superliga: the best kept soccer secret in the U.S.!

Jarrett said...

The entire tournament will be broadcast live in primetime by Univision's TeleFutura Network in the United States and by Televisa and TV Azteca in Mexico.

The Manly Ferry said...

Thanks, Jarrett...unfortunately, it looks like eloping camel's comment stands. I already fork out an embarrassing amount of dough for a selection of channels I never watch, but am unwilling to throw down more still to pick up three channels I want for another 20 pieces of shit I wouldn't watch on a dare (is that a run-on sentence? Thought so...).

Still, thanks for the tip, sir. And curse MLS/SUM for airing the wrong goddamn tournament.

catdirt said...

so that means that tv azteca that i get on basic cable in san diego WILL NOT run the tournament becaue Univision's "tele futura" network has exlcusive rights?

upsetsoccerfan said...

I can't even get Telefutura on my DirecTV setup. Not pointed in the right direction or something. Idiotic. Why is the MLS involved in this if we can't even watch the matches in English? This tournament could add more American fans but it sure won't with no coverage in English. A lot of people can't get Telefutura. What BS.