Moving Shop (Update your bookmarks)

Well, it finally happened. Someone extended an invite to be a contributor to a multi-pundit blog, which gives me a chance to get out of the sole proprietor gig I’ve been doing for the past year or so. Call this a dream come true, my shot at getting out of the “feed-the-beast” grind that is hosting a one-man blog. (What can I say? I dream small - y’know, aim for the ceiling, slip on the way up and fall on that plate smeared with ketchup and so on.)

In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to moving to a new space, one where I’ll feel more comfortable posting less often and, hopefully, better. Can’t say for sure I’ll even stick to the less often, but it feels like the opportunity is there. And I’ll leave it to all y’all to pass judgment on the “better.”

As happens every time I shut down a space I’ve operated for a while - even the several ruthlessly destroyed - I feel a bit conflicted about moving on. I’ve done some decent work here, flirted with some nifty editorial concepts, and so on. I mean, do you remember that one time? Yeah, me too. That was so great! Ah, memories...getting a little choked up....a minute....please...

It’s time to mosey. Unless something changes, or some weird kind of inspiration strikes, this will be the final post on It’s a Simple Game. The site will hang around as a testament to its own existence, but this should be it.

Look for my future jottings at Center Holds It - and do check out the “about” page on that site and marvel at The Simpsons' ability to make you smile even as it mocks the game you love...those were the days, right? (By the way, some guy rated the top five all-time Simpsons episodes; for what it’s worth, I think he did a hell of a job. I think the show went stale a couple years back, but, damn, was that a brilliantly funny show.)

Well, good night Sweet Blog. We’ll always have the day I discovered video.

Hope to see you soon and please update your bookmarks.

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