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Playing free video games online, is one of mine passions, but as I noticed many other people  have this favorite entertainment too, especialy in working or school hours :)  So look at some best of the best simple and free online football games.

I wrote about mine few best online video games, but today will concentrate on soccer games (or footbal video games), or to be more precise on soccer free kick games. You know, games where you are controlling only one player, and trying to hit ball on best way and win goal keeper, sound familiar?

Football Video Games can be divided into two groups: 

1) Real football simulation games (games where you have whole football field, 22 payers,and so on) - from my point of view: complicated soccer games.

2) and Single player games, where football is motive and not real game, like free kick, penal shooting, goal keeper games and similar - from my point of few: adorable simple soccer games.

Are you interested to play Free Kick online soccer game? I suppose that you are. After my post free online soccer games, much user response and question arrived. After that I found out that there is so much of you who are interested to play for fun or to short some work hours:) in playing simple soccer games, so decided to pick and review for you few of best online soccer (football) games so you can play your favorite game at hoe, school or work, taking no care about pc hardware power and similar stuffs, because games like those are unbelievable light and easy to play, and that is un-proportional with fun that you can feel while playing them.

Free Kick Fusion 1 football game is something that we will start with. Because I am planing to present you few of good ones in this field and first one is Free Kick Fusion that I already wrote, but just brief, this is FKF game better review.

Best for me, in group of "free kick" football games, which perhaps are, at least for me, best "soccer games" (since I don't think that PSP2 concept of soccer is funny, because there is a loot of players, a lot of angles, a lot of parameters to take care, not to mention that you need guide or 7 lessons to learn how to play before you start because it have thousand commands,etc) because it is something closest to playing real soccer. Obviously I am not the only one, because so much people love and play those games. So today we will concentrate on  Free Kick Fusion soccer game (by 20:20 UK company), which is free, which is available on more than one place on internet to play and which is simply magnificent. (I considers this one and Robbie Baggio magical kicks which is also great, and since I couldn't decide I will present you both of them, one now, another next time)

free kick fusion (powered by 20:20) startup screen

When you load game into your browser you will see this welcome screen which is very simple, and all you need to do is to click on play game button. You can open account so your scores will be saved and you can compete with other players, any case it is up to you, with no account opening you have all game features and start in seconds, so decide yourself.

select do you want to play Free Kick Fusion against computer or against your friends

You can play in "single player" or "multilayer" free kick game mode. I think that is very much self explanatory. I am writing here about single player mode, but everything is the same in multilayer mode, exact ,what is obviously, you are playing against you friend (opponent) not machine. So when you choose single player mode, you are in game.
What you will see is the main screen of Free Kick Fusion game, where you are playing with your mouse, there is very few commands that you need, and what is the best they all on your left mouse button, and that is it! That is something mostly amazing to me, because I think in ages of 3d games with so complicated graphic, and so powerful graphic cards and input devices and other stuffs that you need a bit of art to make simple game that is good, that can be played with only one button, but it is not in same time boring. (by the way, I always prefer simple stuffs, simple pleasures,simple games, everything that is simple, notice that name of my blog is just simple game)

when you tweaked everything, look at time and kick your shot

Now it is time to shot, you need to pay attention on few factors:
  • time to prepare free kick - you have 5-6 seconds to prepare kick, in therms of kick straight, until then you power of kick is at maximum and if you wanted to play slow down on the grass shot you can't, so for slow shots play in first few seconds
  • path of your free kick -  when your left button is hold and straight of kick is growing, you need to fine tune direction, spin and other factors to make good shot to goal

Seeking right path to goal is what is most impressive in this game for me, there so much variations, and it can't be boring finding of best parable, or low intensity shot to make a goal. All this you are doing with sophisticated mouse movements until you are still holding left mouse button, after you drop button ball starts trip to goal.

sample of good free kick shot and: GOAL!!!

If you done everything as I said you made a goal!

Conclusion is that, like I said this is one of best soccer games, or precisely free kick games. Free Kick Fusion is online, free game that You gonna love and play for a long time. 
For next review i will prepare Robbie Baggio magical kicks game, which is also free, and also free kick shooting game, but totally different designed and controlled. Hope that you like, and that you will have a lot of great time playing free kicks at your home, school or job.

I hear you "where to play this great game?" :)

Thanks to free football I embedded free kick fusion game also here at my blog, so you can start playing now, and I will go to find and review for you some more free kick or similar soccer (football) online free games.

As you know I also usually post about world cup and UK football and cheap football tickets. Today found interesting site about Champions League cheap tickets so my next post will  about finding resources for cheapest possible tickets for Champions League.

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