FLUFF: Cheerleaders (No pics), Merging Fan Groups, Nunez

I feel inklings of guilt about pointing this out - I mean, cheerleaders have rights too, right? - but I wouldn't have believed anyone actually shows up to cheerleader tryouts for a soccer team without photographic evidence. It does occur to me now, that I've never hung out with cheerleaders, so perhaps it's my inability to understand their motivation...

Speaking of cheerleaders - or, more accurately, supporters' groups (crap...I shouldn't write such things) - Andrea Canales wrote a quote-tastic sprawler of an article about the merger of supporter groups out in Los Angeles. The most interesting part to this, for me anyway, came with the stuff about hooliganism - which is probably why Canales led with it. In any case, it sounds like LA's supporter groups police their own - good thing, too. I don't get the fan violence stuff (which is to say I believe I understand the basic impulse: a guy's balls do weird things to him in his youth; once you collectively let violence in, various kinds of escalations seem inevitable; where was I?). It sounds like a total hassle to me.

Finally, in one of those "what do I do with this one?" pieces, the Dallas Morning News did a preseason look at FC Dallas' Ramon Nunez and his state of mind. I hadn't heard about the "shirt-tossing" incident from last year's playoffs. Very dramatic.

For future reference, I think player profiles that truck in "intangibles" - e.g. a player's mental space - qualify as fluff...though, again, that's not a commentary on the articles themselves....which can be good, bad, or indifferent.


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