More than You Ever Wanted to Know About Bermudian Soccer

As part of my ongoing attempt to keep readers of The Offside (and this space) up to date on the New England Revolution's preseason tour of Bermuda, I dug deeper than I ever have into Bermudian soccer. Unlike my previous digging in a similar vein, where I basically tuned into the reality that 65,000 people can actually field a national team, I dug more into where Bermuda stands relative to the rest of the Caribbean soccer world for this latest effort. The short answer: a couple miles north of the U.S. Virgin Islands and some long miles south of Haiti.

Anyway, it's kind of fun stuff. Moreover, this should be of interest to Los Angeles Galaxy fans, whose team will face the Bermuda Hogges (aka, the Bermudian National Team) on Thursday.



Anonymous said...

ummm the bermuda hogges are a usl divison 2 team noit are national team for one and for two u must have looked up barbuda cuz we r closer to south carolina than ne island and three if u look in the fifa rankings we r pretty far up there as far as the national teams rank is concerned its also not that hard to find a national team when over 5000 people play football out of the 50000 eligble people the rest of the population isnt eligble becuz they are of other nationalities thanx

The Manly Ferry said...

I always welcome people adding stuff, so thanks for popping by. This was a pretty preliminary informational post, so forgive the inaccuracies. I filled in more stuff - much more - over on The Offside. And, if you read that post (assuming you ever come back to check this out) you'll see there's some justification for conflating, justifiably or not, the Bermuda Hogges and the Bermudian national team. As I read on an article about the Hogges:

"The players will all be Bermudians who qualify to play for the Bermuda National team and the roster will be finalised by the end of March, with training commencing at the beginning of March."

No, that's not a precise match, but, given the population (and using your numbers...holy crap! that's a small player pool), I thought Bermuda would take its best and brightest.

I have no excuse on the geography; I only know it's a lonely little stop out in the Atlantic ocean, and that's it's smaller than I thought.

But, like I said up top, thanks for popping by with dish. Always welcome. If you hit the link, you'll see I filled in some blanks after the fact - not least where the Hogges will be playing. And, since you seem to be pulling for them, good luck with the season.