A Man City and Man U of our Very Own?

An article in today's Los Angeles Times is getting picked up quite a bit today, though mainly for the succinct statement of Chivas USA co-owner Antonio Cue's quick assessment of his feelings for the Los Angeles Galaxy:

"I hate them."

Me too, Antonio, me too. And well put, by the way.

[ed. - Yeah, I changed the post...I blame vanity.]

But it's more than simple antipathy in this situation that recalls a similarity with the situation in Manchester. There's a fan-base angle to consider, one that the newer club looks be promoting:

"Let the Galaxy, with its English superstar, go and chase the dream of becoming a global brand. As for Chivas, it will be content — for now at least — with wooing and winning the local market. 'We're really focused on being L.A.'s team,' said Javier Leon, Chivas USA's chief executive."

This is, as I've understood this sort of thing from my third-to-fourth-hand view of Manchester's two major teams, how things work between Manchester City and Manchester United. Kinda neat, huh?

There's some nice filler as to why Chivas fits Los Angeles better...don't have the foggiest if they hold (though I suspect they do).



Anonymous said...

To be honest I hate both of them. Never liked the Galaxy, havbe no love for Goats either. But Cue's words would have a bit more behind them if Chivas would get their own frickin' stadium.

If you truly hate someone, why pay rent?

Anonymous said...

New York needs a derby like that to put some bums in seats. it's the only thing that will work at this point.

B_Washington said...

I'm with anonymous... I don't like either team very much (but I like the Galaxy more to be honest).

I hope the Bay area gets another team soon so I can go to some games, I miss living in Colorado and watching the Rapids.