(W)Revs Wrap, 03.06.07: Fowler-Watch Ends...Next!

I'll begin by noting that I posted what struck me as today's only news-worthy item on the New England Revolution over on The Offside...and it's not even news. Yes, the Revs look likely to play a 3-5-2 this season.

Moving on, it looks like I can wrap up "Fowler-Watch" - or put it on hiatus at the very least - just days after its kickoff. I'm seeing nothing recent on either a Google News or Google Blogs search (neither by date or relevance on the latter), which is all the effort I'm willing to devote to the effort.

Fortunately, another trade rumors has made a timely appearance: anyone think Cuauhtemoc Blanco will look good in Chicago Fire red? The Houston Chronicle reports that this is possible. Don't think I'll follow that one as I'd hoped to follow Fowler, and for a number of reasons. Still, it'd be a hoot and then some to have Blanco play in MLS.


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