TEAM NEWS: Happy (RBNY), Enthusiastic (KC), Worried (DC)

Right, one last odds-n-ends post before getting to the weekend's picks.

DC's Defense
A funny thing happened on the way to writing my post on the possibility that DC's defensive problems could be mental; I had intended to end that one with a recommendation that the back three sit around a bong before game-time to calm their nerves. I forgot to go that way - though I stand by the recommendation (whether or not it helps one's game, it does wonders for the jitters).

While I'm busying myself with an anti-D.A.R.E. crusade, the problems with DC's defense other outlets are examining the problem - for instance. But over on DCenters, they've actually done well to elevate this discussion. Moreover, they raised a very salient answer to my point about why DC is defending so much worse today than they did during their "wunder-run" last May and June: they're running a subtly different system. I guess my rejoinder there would be to point out that the defensive issues started under the previous regime, not just this season.

Anyway, we're not going to solve this today; I'm just sayin'. Whatever ails 'em, it's got to suck for DC fans.

KC Moxie
It's weird how one game transformed the Wizards from last year's also-rans into a team to watch in 2007, but the perception is definitely out there. And whatever is going on, it's pretty clear the Wizards players have bought into it, even with the U.S. Open Cup loss in the calculus (they shrugged off that one). We'll see how that works for them...and, in case you're wondering, I hope it does (though not to the exclusion of the New England Revolution and, to be honest, the Columbus Crew).

Red Bull's Happy Fan(s?)
(knock on wood) this looks like a fun season with some real soccer being played, and now angel will be roaming around up front helping to distribute the ball and take a few shots himself. looks like new york has a club to start bragging about. sure feels good."

- grant, Injury Time, 4.19.07 (LINK)

Looks like at least one Red Bull fan likes what he sees so far. I get the impression a lot of people are kind of high on this bunch.

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