Week 2 Wraps: Mine & Everyone's (I found)

I've already regaled visitors to this site with my power rankings in the wake of Major League Soccer's Week 2. Today, though, I'm passing on more crap from me and the sterling observations of many other pundits.

Before getting to others' work, I wrote up another set up observations for Week 2, this one focused on the individual games. I added a feature element to that effort, this one my prediction that Toronto FC will reprise Chivas USA's 2005 season; at best, I peg them for Real Salt Lake '05, or perhaps a Columbus Crew '06. Anyway, you'll find more thoughts on the past weekend's games along with some notes on trends. Hope people like it.

Moving on, now, to the marvellous contributions of my fellow seers, both professional and amateur...

Seeings as they're the trend-setters, let's start with ESPN's power rankings. (Quibbles: Chicago 2nd? You sure about that? Otherwise, I like that they had the nerve to drop DC farther than I did....I"m starting to question that one.) Also on ESPN's site, Steve Davis did a nice big-concept look at Week 2's games; seriously, the guy did well with the format...wish I thought of it.

ESPN's final contribution comes from Jen Chang's blog, which provides some sharp notes on Eddie Johnson, and the woeful defenses of Toronto FC and DC United.

Elsewhere on the Web, Ian Plenderleith of USSoccerplayers.com got nicely big-picture-y with his weekend wrap, noting nice details like respectable attendance figures, a boost in goals between Week 2 and Week 1, and, best of all, a nice round-up of comments made by players and coaches upon losing. Mike H, of My Soccer Blog, "did the double" with two contributions: one a general wrap and the other power-ranking of his own (Quibble: KC? At #1? Ya think? Dallas seems a bit high too, but I like the gutsy call on Red Bull; please don't interpret these as me claiming to know better, 'cause I don't; I'm just talking here.)

Finally, MLS Underground pulled together a very smart overview of Week 2 talking points. Good stuff, all, that will make all of us so collectively intellingent that we ought to run the dang country.

UPDATE: I'll add similar items to this list as I find them; and if you've written something in the same vein, by all means, chuck it in the comments.

WVHooligan just posted his Week 2 power rankings. Enjoy.

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