Guevara Gone?

Thanks to a Bloglines feed to Sideline Views, which took me straight to LA Soccer News, which seems like a "mother ship" of sorts to that blog, I'm able to pass on word/rumor of Amado Guevara going (way) north to Toronto FC. Coming the other way, Paulo Nagamura and "a draft pick."

Holy poop. Assuming this is true, I can't help but think they'll be writing articles like the one Ives Galarcep turned in to his day job in LA papers in the near future.

All I can say is Guevara never seemed to settle in LA, at least not on the field. One more thing: I can't see Guevara doing any better in Toronto under Mo Johnston than he did under Preki. Lord knows they need creativity up Canada way, but how's Guevara going to mesh with, say, Ronnie O'Brien? Carl Robinson? (Don't know what his ego is like, but I have a fair picture of Guevara's). Alecko Eskandarian (who also seems to have a fuse)?

On Chivas' side of the ledger, they're losing a player who gave every impression of being locker-room cancer; they also got (another) gritty player in Nagamura. Had Guevara ever managed to participate in the Chivas attack, I'd write something about the Goats having to change their style...obviously, that's not necessary here.


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