Guevara: One Bad Penny, Several Shoes

As Big Apple Soccer reported yesterday, and as Marc Connolly confirmed today (to find "the business," check the May 11 entry; they don't have permalinks up yet for, but I hear their working on it), FC Dallas has come a-courtin' for a discarded and unlamented Chivas USA-reject, Amado Guevara. There's not much point denying the weirdness of this transaction-in-progress - and there's also FC Dallas' puzzling, and ongoing, disinterest in shoring up the defense, which most would agree (I think) counts as their greatest weakness. (Though, curiously, DC United shares the same mysterious quirk.)

That obvious eccentricity aside, there's another obvious question, which Connolly phrased pretty well:

"And if the deal with Chivas USA for draft picks does go through, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of Carlos Ruiz's days in Frisco. The prospect of those two CONCACAF stars linking up in the attack is exciting, but would you want to have both of these personalities in one locker room? Me neither."

Toxic as that lockerroom could be, there's another potentially volatile ingredient to consider: Ramon Nunez. How will this player, assigned a major role at the start of the season, react to a noted prima donna like Guevara competing for that role? Naturally, I can't say for sure, but I do have my hunches (in a phrase, not well). Assuming they take on Guevara, will Dallas be the first team in the league to field a 2-6-2 formation? Lord knows they've got enough midfielders to do it.

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