If I Was Kreis

As everyone now knows, Jason Kreis has now retired and taken up the coaching reins on the wayward stagecoach that is Real Salt Lake (which is still, presumably, rushing toward a cliff). Commentary is pretty easy to come by (random sample, and one I like), but there's not a lot out there yet about the changes Kreis could make to the starting line-up. The Salt Lake Tribune finally stirred themselves and did well to start this effort, even if they left it with a question.

After a quick look at RSL's roster, here's what I'd do:

GK: Nick Rimando....kidding! Chris Seitz. Go with Seitz.
D: Chris Lancos, Daniel Torres, Eddie Pope, Willis Forko (gulp.)
M: Mehdi Ballouchy, Freddy Adu, Carey Talley, Chris Klein
F: Jeff Cunningham...Jeff Cunningham...are any of the other guys either fit (Andy Williams) or not fat (Luis Tejada)? Hell with it, re-try the Atiba Harris experiment.

Anyway, the key piece here is Freddy Adu; throw him out there and say, "Awright, golden boy, get out there and win the damn game. You've got central midfield."

In all seriousness, I'm cracking on Adu for fun. He's got a hard road and it just got harder; cobbling a starting XI out of this bunch proved harder than I figured. Adu will be lucky to retain half his value before this trade plays out. Between that team and a first-year coach I'm thinking Toronto FC will have someone to fight for the distinction of living in the league's basement.


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