Open Cup Play-In: Lest We Forget (+ Salary talk)

In what must be a first since Roma FC made a run last year, a major media outlet - the LA Times - acknowledged the existence of the U.S. Open Cup...even if it only came after a report on the MLS Players' Union squabbling with the league front office (interesting piece, by the way; loathe as I am to admit it, Gazidis makes a decent case, especially about the second jobs; still, that's chump change.)

In any case, the blogoverse did its bit to pump the game as well, especially the LA locals like Dan Loney and Luis Bueno. And, natch, produced a preview. There's some good stuff in there about personnel 'n' such, though only Ives Galarcep (so far) is saying fucking-new-guy (FNG) Juan Pablo Angel will play.

Anyway, calling this one seems like a mug's game, what with all the line-up wackiness. Bueno made the decent point that LA has enjoyed a lay-off and that rest could point to the possibility they'll field a stronger side. Maybe that was in the back of my mind when I picked LA to win over on the Real Salt Lake Offside's predictions league. Not to be nasty about it, but I won't be pulling for 'em. Go Bulls...just this once.


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