Power Rankings Round-Up: The Same Kool-Aid

The same impulse that compelled me to create the sprawling monster I produced on Monday - an effort that left me so drained that I fainted at the mention of the word "soccer" - forces me to note the power rankings posted by my fellow pundits. The hope here is that doing this will prevent me from recreating Monday's monster ever, ever, ever again.

All the power rankings I've come across for Week 4 appear below; parenthetical comments that follow note the calls where I differed from the author, as well as where I agree. Here are my rankings for reference.

- ESPN (Wizards 3rd? FC Dallas 5th? Rapids 10th? Goodness.)

- MLS Underground (Cuffs and collars match - e.g. his top and bottom rankings look like mine and, as noted in my rankings, the middle is a crap-shoot.)

- MLS Zone (The Revs 9th? LA 2nd?)

- My Soccer Blog (same note as the MLS Underground)

- Who Ate All the Cupcakes? (Tricky S.O.B. deviated from the usual format; but he also makes a lot of sense.)

- WVHooligan (No, we don't see eye-to-eye 100%, but I've got his back on any discrepancies.)

- Soccer by Ives (Um, KC at 3rd seems high; otherwise I like.)

In big picture terms, there aren't a lot of meaningful discrepancies, which either means reality looks something close to what we're seeing or we're all drinking the same Kool-Aid. If it's the latter, I blame the damnable ease of communication.


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